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Purchase High-Quality Inconel

Inconel was developed during the 1960s for use in jet engines. Its ability to withstand rust and intense heat has made it the go-to material for today's most extreme applications, race cars, wind turbines, cryogenic chambers and more. Inconel has opened the door to new possibilities that previously didn't have the technology to explore.

We sell Inconel in the following forms for our clients' convenience:

  • Inconel 625 Foil
  • Inconel 625 Tube
  • Inconel 625 Pipe
  • Inconel 718 Foil
  • Inconel 718 Sheet
  • Inconel 718 Bar

Unfortunately, Inconel is also notoriously hard to shape. Product managers intending to use it in their applications should thoroughly research whether their existing equipment will be sufficient.

Our Dedication to Long-term Contacts

The biggest benefit you receive from shopping with metalmen is the quality of our supply materials. We have the experience to select the good from the bad. Luckily for our customers, this means we also have the know-how to answer your questions and help you succeed. Our business needs your business in order to thrive.

For this reason, we ask that you speak to our sales team by phone or email before making your purchase to avoid common problems involved when working with metals and metal alloys. We may be able to help you choose a better form of Inconel for your project, or point you to a different material that would better suit your needs. If you're an expert in the field too, we'd love to learn something from you.

To purchase high-quality commercial or industrial-grade Inconel, please reach us at 800-767-9494 or fill out our online request form for a free quote.

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