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  • 31-49 12th St.Long Island City, NY 11106

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The metalmen are custom response suppliers. We can combine any metalworking process – rolling, slitting, tempering, shearing, heat-treating – to meet your specification. Whatever the solution, the metalmen are seasoned, hands-on metal supply specialists.

We provide metals and alloys on demand, expert market knowledge, and with over 75 years of cumulative experience, we are your go-to guys.  We are market specialists, stocking and processing a broad selection of alloys in foils, rod, bar, strip, coil, sheet and plate. We stock aluminum 1100 bar up to 4" dia and plate to 2" thick. Our saws and shears can cut any of our metals to the exact size and quantity that you require.

  • Extensive inventory of non-standard metals and forms
  • Fast On-Time Delivery
  • Nationwide & Global Metal Distribution